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Irish Posts - Debt Advice

Take a deep breath and seek help to tackle your debts Author Mark Twain said: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” but when it comes to dealing with debt, people often delay taking the first step because they are afraid of what the debt resolution process might entail. As a result, they fall deeper in debt before they finally seek help. When you are struggling wit ...

Children worry about arguments over money problems and financial future One of the saddest legacies of the recession and the personal debt crisis it triggered is the effect it has had on the most vulnerable members of society - our children. Families with problem debt try extremely hard to minimise the impact on their children but it can be difficult to explain why you can’t ...

10 Steps To Resolving Problem Debt Affecting Your Relationship Arguments over money are the number one cause of stress within relationships and when it involves serious debt it can drive people to depression, divorce and family breakdown which is why seeking professional help to resolve problem debt is vital. When breaking up involves debt (which sadly it frequently does), th ...

When you enter a formal debt solution you may feel like someone pressed the pause button on your life but it is important to remember that it will end and how much better your life will be when you are solvent again. We’ve compiled a list of the top five things people value when they have successfully tackled unaffordable debt. Once you’ve committed to a solution you may feel ...

Follow Peter on Twitter  @PeterDean_Debt   Getting help to tackle problem debt will not only benefit your finances, studies show it can also reduce stress levels and result in improved physical and mental health. Ireland’s household debt burden is currently the third highest in Europe, standing at €157 billion -  equivalent to €34,089 owed by every person in the country, ac ...

Follow @PeterDean_debt   When you are bankrupt or facing bankruptcy , the concept of time takes on a new significance as you count the days that remain until it is officially over. In the current debate over whether the bankruptcy term should be cut from three years to one it is important to consider what it would mean to people to have only 365 days on a calendar to tick off ...

Follow @PeterDean_debt One of the hardest things for families living with unmanageable debt is feeling forced to put their lives on hold while creditors effectively control not just their finances but life decisions, big and small. Whether it is seeking a new job, planning to get married or just being able to buy new shoes, we speak to people every day who feel that they have ...

Granting courts power to review bank veto decisions on debt deals for the first time is a game-changer with the potential to redress the balance of power and deliver fresh hope to thousands of people with crippling mortgage arrears.

Follow Peter on Twitter  @PeterDean_Debt   Repossession is an issue that worries many families struggling with debt and headline news of an increase of more than 500% in the rate of repossessions in Ireland did little to calm frayed nerves. Even if you’ve been living with unmanageable debt for years (particularly long-term mortgage arrears) the rising rate of repossessions ...

Follow Peter on Twitter  @PeterDean_Debt   People yearn for better days in springtime and while the Government’s Spring Statement delivered an upbeat forecast of sustained economic growth till 2020, it left thousands still anxiously awaiting news on new measures to tackle mortgage arrears and repossessions. While we await an announcement on this critical issue, it is vital ...

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